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Wednesday,July 19, 2017 •

Mirage – The Gladiator Update

Free Content Update 1 is now available for all players!

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2 new Arena maps

Fight 3v3 until the last fighter stands in The Pit and Old Arena.

The Pit


Old Arena


3 new magic abilities

Alchemancer – Depth Charge

Release a set of explosions along the ground in front of you.

Vypress – Pincer

A brutal melee attack that takes a long time to wind-up but delivers a crushing blow to a single enemy.

Vigilist – Surround Parry

Puts up a magical armor barrier around you that stops all incoming attacks.

New Greatsword

A two-handed sword is now available as a third weapon for the Taurant class.


High rank armor unlocks

Unlock exclusive armor at ranks 70 and 80. Get exclusive colour gradients per team.

11 new languages

French, Italian, Spanish, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian (joining US English and Russian)

See the Full Changelist on our forum!

Thursday,June 22, 2017 •

Mirage & Chivalry in Steam Summer Sale (Mirage Patch 2 details)

Get Mirage for 50% off – that’s just $14.99 USD – until July 5.

Plus, enjoy a new patch with various bug fixes and performance improvements – including Team Autobalance!

Get additional savings if bought with Chivalry (or if either game is owned) with the new Magic + Melee Bundle: http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/1931/Magic__Melee_Bundle/

Get Chivalry for 85% off.

Mirage post-launch support continues with a large content update in July.

New two-handed Taurant sword

  • 2 new Taurant sword types (with dozens of total variants)
    • 2 new arena maps (The Pit, Old Arena)
  • 4 new magic abilities
  • High player-rank armor variant unlocks (exclusive colour gradients per team)
  • Full text localization in 11 languages
    • Russian (added in Patch 2)
    • French, Italian, Spanish, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian

Read full Patch 2 notes, live now

Thursday,June 8, 2017 •

Mirage Free Weekend – Now Live!

Mirage: Arcane Warfare’s Free Weekend is on now, and runs until June 11 at 1pm PDT.

Haven’t played yet? Now’s your chance, no strings attached.

Already bought Mirage? Bring some friends along and help get the word out!


Free Weekend trailer:

Looking for more info?

Watch our final environment flythrough videos, out today.

Falcon Ridge


Get straight to the slaughter in this TDM map designed for massive bloody brawls in the beating orange heat of the desert sun.



Play various game modes (CTF, TDM and Push) in this dusty urban map comprised of stone and scaffolding, featuring a unique mix of level elevation to allow players to change their combat approach on the fly.

View the entire series of map videos here:


Stay tuned for more news on Mirage Content Update 1, a free update due in July that includes new arena maps, abilities, character gear, localization and more.

Wednesday,June 7, 2017 •

Mirage: Free Weekend runs June 8-11

Mirage: Arcane Warfare gets a Free Weekend on Steam running June 8 at 10am PDT to June 11 at 1pm PDT.

Starting June 8, visit the Steam page to play instantly. Plus get 10% off if you decide to buy!

Watch the Free Weekend trailer:

Post-launch support for Mirage continues with further patches as well as a major content update coming in July.

Patch 1, released last week, focused on minor bug fixes and issues. Read the full patchnotes here: https://forums.tornbanner.com/topic/27737/mirage-arcane-warfare-patch-1

If you haven’t played since Alpha or Beta, you can review all our patchnotes here; https://forums.tornbanner.com/topic/27579/patch-notes-megathread

Content Update 1 brings new maps this July

Mirage’s first major content update brings two new 3v3 Arena maps, plus more details to come soon.

Enter “The Pit”

Beware of the exploding geyser in the center of this map, a sunken pit under the blaze of a hot desert sun. Prisoners are thrown into this arena to fight to the death, for the entertainment of their captors.


Emerge victorious in “Old Arena”

Located high in remote mountains, battle in this crumbling, forsaken gladiatorial arena with a twist. Avoid falling through the collapsed floor or risk losing your limbs in a death trap of painful wooden scaffolding!


Stay tuned for more information prior to the release of Content Update 1.


Friday,June 2, 2017 •

Mirage – Post-launch Status Update

Mirage has now been officially launched for exactly one week! We hope you all are having as much fun experimenting with our insane combat system and plumbing the depths of its strange fantasy world as we had building it all.

We’re planning to do some fun community stuff soon to celebrate the launch, and should have some news in the near future about a significant content update patch, as well as what we’re looking to do to improve player population.

We’re celebrating launch this Friday (tomorrow) with a “Play with the Devs” night starting at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PST. Please join us then!

What’s being done to improve server population?

We are currently working with Steam on what is essentially a “relaunch” event for Mirage – there will be updates on this within a week’s time, at the very latest.

We’re aware of lower-than-expected player numbers and we are working on solutions to help improve the player experience. Currently we are seeing that players jumping on during off-peak hours can find it hard to find well-populated servers.

Launch day saw technical issues that unfortunately led to a poor start for Mirage’s launch week player population. We know that since then, concurrent player count has suffered and has occasionally been an obstacle to experiencing Mirage as it’s meant to be played. In the short term we want to encourage the community and players to continue to enjoy the game and leave a review on the Mirage Steam store page in advance of our “relaunch” event.

Who made Mirage?

In our focus to get the game launched, we didn’t yet take the chance to properly say THANKS to the Mirage community, from our development team.

Our team of 27 (not all pictured) worked their asses off for the last 3 years on Mirage. At the start of the project, our team was just 17 people.

(p.s. If you’d like to send a personal note to the team, feel free to Tweet @TornBanner or send an email to contact[at]tornbanner[dot]com. We read every word.)

Whether you pre-ordered Mirage, picked it up on launch day or have wishlisted it and plan to buy it another day – we’d like to extend a sincere thank-you for supporting independent game development.

We also need to thank our loyal Alpha testers who have been a huge part of Mirage’s development process. We’ve had a dedicated group of testers involved in Mirage’s development since May of 2016, barely two months after the game was first announced. Since then we’ve met equally awesome Beta testers who have helped move the game along to fruition.

What’s coming post-launch?

Any game we release, we want to put 100% of our efforts into. We’re committed to supporting Mirage post-launch; on the immediate horizon, expect a significant content update this summer. We’re also hard at work on addressing some launch day known issues.

  • Patch 1 is out now, addressing minor issues
  • Patch 2 planned for approximately mid June, with more fixes planned as well as new language localization
  • Content Update 1 is planned for late July, feat. brand new character abilities and new maps alongside Patch 3

Where can I leave my thoughts about Mirage?

We believe that player feedback is crucial for our studio. As we continue post-launch support on Mirage, and eventually move onto our next studio project, we’re more keen than ever to hear from our players – past and present.

Please leave us your feedback through the Mirage forums.