Mirage – The Gladiator UpdateMirage – The Gladiator Update

Free Content Update 1 is now available for all players!

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2 new Arena maps

Fight 3v3 until the last fighter stands in The Pit and Old Arena.

The Pit


Old Arena


3 new magic abilities

Alchemancer – Depth Charge

Release a set of explosions along the ground in front of you.

Vypress – Pincer

A brutal melee attack that takes a long time to wind-up but delivers a crushing blow to a single enemy.

Vigilist – Surround Parry

Puts up a magical armor barrier around you that stops all incoming attacks.

New Greatsword

A two-handed sword is now available as a third weapon for the Taurant class.


High rank armor unlocks

Unlock exclusive armor at ranks 70 and 80. Get exclusive colour gradients per team.

11 new languages

French, Italian, Spanish, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian (joining US English and Russian)

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