Mirage – Post-Free Day Community UpdateMirage – Post-Free Day Community Update

Mirage Free Day was a huge success!

On September 6th, Mirage went temporarily free-for-a-day on Steam.


Our primary reason for doing this promotion was to bring new players in, to keep Mirage playable for its (originally) small but dedicated community. We’re very pleased to say that was a huge success.

Player numbers got massive, and much bigger than we expected! Almost a week later, server population is still very healthy, hovering at around 1000 concurrent as of writing.

If you missed the free day, you can still get Mirage for a new low price of $9.99 (down from $29.99 USD).


If you got Mirage for free and want to show us some monetary love, consider grabbing the $10 Special Edition upgrade DLC. This gets you a free copy of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (to the same Steam account), the soundtrack, art pieces, exclusive armor unlocks and more!


Finally, if you have played Mirage and want to tell others about your impressions, please leave a review on Steam!

What’s next?

Resolving features temporarily affected by Free Day traffic

  • Our top priority is getting the Mirage online backend functioning properly, which (among other duties) applies earned player XP to each player’s copy of Mirage. XP is being tracked and earned; just displayed incorrectly. As detailed in this thread, the high player population wrought havoc on this backend. Since then, we’ve had it working on and off. We’ll update this post when it is completely resolved, which should not require a patch.

Patch 5 (coming very soon)

  • Support for private servers will allow any player to host their own servers, anywhere!
  • Custom server support will allow both official and private servers to experiment with their own crazy configurations. For example (yes, we tried all of these):
    • Mirage Madness: All players move at 2x speed, but have only 15 hitpoints.
    • Jousting: Attack and try to poke the enemy before they poke you! All players have very slow attacks, 30 hp and 1.5x movement speed.
    • Tanky Taurant: One Taurant has 600 hp, all other players have 30 hp. Kill the Taurant to become… the Tanky Taurant!
    • Min and Max player count and class limits. Anyone want to try 24 player TDM, Alchemancers only? Maybe a little 1v1 action?

We welcome players to submit bug reports and gameplay suggestions to our forum.

Updates so far:

Patch 4 (August 2017)


The Gladiator Update – Patch 3 (July 2017)


Patch 2 (June 2017)


Patch 1 (June 2017)


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