Mirage: Arcane Warfare – Vigilist – Character Development ProfileMirage: Arcane Warfare – Vigilist – Character Development Profile


Welcome to the next character in our Development Profile series.

For our third profile, we’ll look at the character art development of the Vigilist!

Early Design Goals


The Vigilist class started out as a Defender or Guardian archetype, able to hold her ground and protect her teammates. With her role defined in lore as a defender of the city of Bashrahn, giving her a shield matched her overall theme, while a spear or polearm was historically used by guards and soldiers from across Europe and Asia.

To help identify her as the guardian class from a distance, the Vigilist’s core silhouette was made into a square.

Vigilist Shape

Early on, we knew her role was as a tank and support character, so we chose a square as her core silhouette to indicate strength and balance. This lead to further decisions about her design influence: heavy use of right angles, echoing the core shape of squares. This also lead us to choose a spear and shield for her weapons, which would help to communicate her tank-like role.

Dylan Brady, Torn Banner Studios Character Artist


Her armor is inspired by Indian plate armor, making use of heavy cloth and metal damascening.

vig armour insp

Her play style is very defensive, drawing attackers in for a prolonged fight. Her weapon and shield reflect her fighting style, her long reach with her stab attack giving her precision and control,  making her ideal in a team fight avoiding team damage. She is also great at keeping a group of enemies at bay with her powerful AOE abilities. She is an unbreakable veteran soldier.

Richard Yang, Torn Banner Studios Concept artist/Animator

While the concept artwork was finalized, the personalities of the Bashrahni and Azar guardian were solidified.

The Bashrahni Vigilist would be a righteous-but-naive rookie, while her Azar counterpartwould be an exasperated veteran who has seen it all.

Once a silhouette was chosen, concept art began to be generated. We started through lots of thumbnails and sketches.


Her design progressed from simple sketches to more detailed concepts, adding armoured plating and skirts to define to her unique, square shape.

Some character inspirations for this class:

Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, Scythian women warriors (Amazons) and Female MMA fighters.

Dylan Brady


We tried a few designs with the shields; at first we wanted to let her have a very small magical shield that could expand when blocking, but decided that a simple big solid shield would best reflect her personality and design goals.  

Richard Yang

And finalized. The textures for her armour and cloth were chosen to give her a more functional and intimidating look.

Vigilist Final Concept scaled

Final concept

Once a concept was finalized, colour schemes and customization options were drawn up.

Colour Schemes

scaled Guardian_Citynewcolour



Customization concept options





Once the concept art was finalized, the character was modeled. The model and animation stances were tweaked to improve and display her silhouette more clearly, both for artistic purposes and to help identify class type in-game; the armoured Vigilist and her shield are very easy to identify on the battlefield!


In gameplay, the Vigilist holds battlelines and defends her teammates. Her abilities focus on interrupt or knockback effects, and includes the powerful Iron Dome to ward off enemy projectiles. If you enjoy holding your ground or pressing the attack to capture objectives alongside allies, you’ll probably enjoy playing the Vigilist!

Vigilist 04 - scaled

Vigilist 02 scaled


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Stay tuned for future Development Profiles, where we’ll showcase our environments and other characters.

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