Mirage: Arcane Warfare BETA – Patch 2 ChangesMirage: Arcane Warfare BETA – Patch 2 Changes


This patch (Beta Patch 2) features many gameplay related changes and fixes, with a focus on build optimization and additional polish. The Mirage Beta represents an unfinished version of the game, but we’re getting there – piece by piece. Coming at the end of April, Beta Patch 3 will feature several new maps, replacing some previous ones, as detailed in our Beta preview blog. Read on for a full list of today’s changes…

major changes > Many crash & bug fixes > More animation and Fx polish > Abilities now continue to cooldown while you wait to respawn  > This isn’t as drastic as resetting them on spawn but will go still go a long way > Overtime added to symmetric Objective modes – If when time runs out, score is tied, players on both teams will stop respawning and next objective score wins, if a team is wiped out entirely the other team also wins in Overtime

general gr > Centered third person camera > A warning message now appears when the server has crashed or your connection is down > Movement animation polish > Added a saturated ambient occlusion effect > Various tutorial improvements and bug fixes

bl gameplay > Fixed various state/queue desyncs > Rebalanced health values > Primarily focused on nerfing some classes like the Vigilist & Taurant > Reduced upper body bend blend time and bend caps > Reduced back & strafe speed > Reduced melee turn caps on overheads and stabs slightly > Reduced stamina drain by 15% when blocking > You can now jump during windups again > Movement abilities can now be used out of Blocked/interrupt > Reduced blocked/interrupt time slightly > All abilities now receive a 4s cooldown when feinted/interrupted (previously ranged from 4-10s depending on the ability) Parries > Reduced active parry time > Narrowed parry box > Including some experimental changes to make swing manipulation more powerful against parries Melee > Melee damage balance – general increase in damage > Reduced some windup times slightly > Reduced recovery times slightly > Reduced feint recovery times Alchemancer > Increased spawn delay of Barrage and improved its indication > Ranged loadout:  > Replaced melee attacks with punches  > Increased the fireballs’ projectile speed Tinker > Increased proximity mine damage > Added damage over time effect to Stasis > Increased stasis cooldown Taurant > Decreased shove knockback > More Taurant abilities can now be riposted against Vigilist > Increased windup mobility of disperse > Increased iron domes health > Increased ward strike cooldown > Increased heroic leap range

ye misc > Added in-world Damage/Healing numbers option > Updated several ability icons

pink bug fixes > Ability cooldowns are now visible when the ability is unavailable/silenced > Fixed issue that caused servers to get laggier over time > Fixed issue where damage/parry events were appearing that did not match the actual result > Fixed issue that would frequently cause vaults to fail > Fixed abilities being shown as active after they were used to kill someone > Also fixes the Phoenix ability sometimes becoming unavailable until respawn > Fixed certain keys not being bindable + format adjustments and bug fixes > Muting VOIP no longer mutes Chat > Loading screens now properly appear for each map > Main menu video is no longer sometimes black > Stasis bubble effect timing issues > Battle cry and VO fading out after activation no longer occurs > Fixed crash when returning to the main menu from gameplay > Fixed VO command placement issues > Fixed inconsistent end of match experience calculations > Fixed some abilities allowing alchemancer to fly when activated > Fixed some instances of animations playing incorrectly when being hit > Multiple text fixes > Multiple crash fixes

ktur known > AMD users may experience video driver crashes > Death camera sometimes does not allow player control > Playstation controllers may not work > SLI may result in effects artifacts > Pawns killed in the air may play death animations while floating > Battlecry animations blend strangely when changing stance > Out of stamina panting may stop playing > Sometimes the crosshair will become locked in a state > FX may sometimes not appear > Overheal FX may stay longer than overheal > 1st person sprint animations may sometimes not play > Tinker mines may sometimes sink into level props > Players may lose sound from other programs while playing Mirage > Resolution options changes may sometimes not apply > Low reproduction client crashes > Double-speed audio when set to 192kHz in Windows > Some keys cannot be rebound > Some placeholder text still visible in the UI > Some more known issues for you > End of match timer will hang on 0 > Chat in post game will sometimes not work > Players will sometimes jitter when using levitate

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